Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Vampire Made Me

It doesn't matter if it's wrong or if it's right,
you won't remember after I bite.

You've got blood, baby friend of mine,
you've got blood and it tastes like lye.

I've got a baby vampire in me,
nobody knows, nobody knows.
I saw you put it in me like a seed
that was as big as a stone.

And all I can do is watch it grow
and it comes and it goes.
It comes and it goes
and it's turning me into someone I don't know.

You've got a skull, baby, you've got a spine.
After I'm done with you I'll spit them out like rinds.

I got a baby vampire in me,
it just might eat me before it eats you.
I saw you put it in me like a seed.
Then it grew.

It feels funny but I want you to see
that's good for you isn't always good for me.
I'm gonna kill it, or hide underground,
it's after me like a hound.

Baby, baby, so beautiful.
Little baby, I feel clean,
There's still life after the machine.

Little baby, I feel fresh,
You can't live life if you're living death.

- mary timony

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Confront Me, Unholy Ones
Bastard Saints, Scorn of the Earth
I Summon Thee, Now Poison Me
Death under Will, Burn in My Soul

Exalt Me, Enemies of the Lamb
Intrude- We are of One
Under Will, I Walk the Path of Sin
With Your Spells I Die again

Raise Me from Mortal
My Will, Be Your Will
My Words, Speak Your Words
Your Pains, Raise Me to Bliss

What of this Anger now
Received to Lance Your Enemy
I Feel the Energy
The Poison Moves in Me
I Spill Blood

Scorn of the Earth, I Witness
In Rapture I'm Born Again
Scorn of the Light, I Bear Scorn
In Rapture I'm Reborn