Tuesday, August 28, 2012


To commemorate House of Self-Indulgence's review of Itō Shunya's女囚701号:さそり("Joshū Nana-maru-ichi-gō: Sasori", "Female Convict 701: Scorpion"), here is a sampling of star Kaji Meiko's (梶芽衣子) singing. She released quite a few albums and singles over the years, mostly in the genre of enka (演歌, modern folk-songs) and 70s-style folk rock. 

These two albums are compilations of material recorded during the 1970s and overlap a little. The first album is simply titled 「梶芽衣子」, "Kaji Meiko". The second album is 「梶芽衣子全集」, or "Kaji Meiko: Complete Works." This is misleading, because there are several songs on the first album that aren't included. Anyway, both lead with「怨み節」(Urami bushi, "Grudge melody"), the title song from Sasori, which was also released as the single pictured above. The second album also includes that single's B-side, 「女の呪文」(Onna no jūmon, "A woman's spell") as Song #2. The Song #3 on that album is「修羅の花」(Shura no hana, "Flower of Carnage"), the title song to Fujita Toshiya's「修羅雪暇」 (Shura yukihime, "Snow Princess of Carnage", although translated for distribution as "Lady Snowblood" for whatever reason.) This was also released as a single →

Kaji is known for nihilistic glaring while wielding sharp objects in extremely compromising situations. While her most well known roles (Nami in the Sasori series, Yuki in Shura yukihime) have a lot of that, there was much more to the actress. She brought palpable intensity to her often silent performances, expressing great emotion masterful usage of body language and facial expression. In Sasori, there is a profound sense of isolation in Meiko's Nami. No matter what abuses she suffers, no matter how deep her pain, she somehow seems so far beyond it. As though her heart/mind is somehow untouched by all the abuse and pools of blood waded through.

The depth of silent, endless steely rage that Kaji Meiko brought to the screen makes her singing that much more unique. Because she just feels.... awkward behind the microphone. Her voice isn't naturally strong (like The One True God in Heaven Togawa Jun). Instead, Meiko coos her way through lilting songs, trying her hardest not to break through..... There is a distinctly unsettling effect produced by the dissimilarity between the awkward charm of her recorded work and the striking isolation of her screen presence.

[Cover for the single やどかり, yadokari, "Hermit crab." Album 2, Song 4.]

1) 梶芽衣子:梶芽衣子
2) 梶芽衣子:全集

Friday, July 20, 2012


oil remove shred and tear radiation vapor it’s the fear so unclear man in motion going nowhere in our homes stuck in the face spread the word to the populace yellow journal yellow journal set the pace feel the rage manifestations of a sort so insidious off the point simple solution never confusion sport a gun kill a cop crazy world of weary thought so receive me had enough immunity avoid decay in the trench of pestilence the bible screams announce your faith mutterings of death do bring suffocate a new born thing degradation of an age venereal its all sensation protect design the moral plan infallible as propaganda completely black with no steps back go nowhere tell yourself search your soul bloodshot agony profusely stains the inner thinking of the brain accusations clanking chains experiments with groans of pain all prefer no one blames the terror in an animal screams in cages our future the answer’s insane show no faith each adds assimilate each one assimilates reach for an air way death

- n. ogre

[Liv Ullmann en Ingmar Bergman- Persona, 1966]

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Vampire Made Me

It doesn't matter if it's wrong or if it's right,
you won't remember after I bite.

You've got blood, baby friend of mine,
you've got blood and it tastes like lye.

I've got a baby vampire in me,
nobody knows, nobody knows.
I saw you put it in me like a seed
that was as big as a stone.

And all I can do is watch it grow
and it comes and it goes.
It comes and it goes
and it's turning me into someone I don't know.

You've got a skull, baby, you've got a spine.
After I'm done with you I'll spit them out like rinds.

I got a baby vampire in me,
it just might eat me before it eats you.
I saw you put it in me like a seed.
Then it grew.

It feels funny but I want you to see
that's good for you isn't always good for me.
I'm gonna kill it, or hide underground,
it's after me like a hound.

Baby, baby, so beautiful.
Little baby, I feel clean,
There's still life after the machine.

Little baby, I feel fresh,
You can't live life if you're living death.

- mary timony

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Confront Me, Unholy Ones
Bastard Saints, Scorn of the Earth
I Summon Thee, Now Poison Me
Death under Will, Burn in My Soul

Exalt Me, Enemies of the Lamb
Intrude- We are of One
Under Will, I Walk the Path of Sin
With Your Spells I Die again

Raise Me from Mortal
My Will, Be Your Will
My Words, Speak Your Words
Your Pains, Raise Me to Bliss

What of this Anger now
Received to Lance Your Enemy
I Feel the Energy
The Poison Moves in Me
I Spill Blood

Scorn of the Earth, I Witness
In Rapture I'm Born Again
Scorn of the Light, I Bear Scorn
In Rapture I'm Reborn


Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm Not Here

"Blindfold me so I can live my life.....
I'm, I'm not here.
Oh, help me, help me.
I'm not here."

Super Heroines: Cry For Help

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Return to the Eve

"Take my soul away into the dark,
Dreaming a thousand morbid dreams.
No tomorrow when the wind caress my mind,
Could I ever return, it would be my doom."

Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales

painting: "The Crucifixion of Saint Julia" by Hieronymus Bosch
(oil on wood panel, date unknown)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Struck With Terror

Early concert by GLOOM. Performed and recorded on April 29th, '91 at 難波Bears (Namba Bears), a famous underground club in downtown Osaka City. The place is tiny. This record makes me happy.