Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Circle and The Cross

The Great Day of His Wrath has Come,
And Who will be able to Stand?

Thus I saw The Horse in a Vision,
Out of His mouth issued Fire and Brimstone,

And I beheld and heard an Angel Singing,
For the Great Day of His Wrath has Come.

Cast Their Crowns before the Throne,
And unto You I say, "You are Worthy,"

And I will Kill the Child with Death,
And I will Give Them the Morning Star.

Dost Thou not Judge and Avenge Us in Blood?
A Crown of Glory that not Fadeth Away.
For Thy Pleasure They are and were Created,

Insight like unto an Emerald.

And I heard a Voice,
A Voice of Great Thunder,

And I heard Pinions of Fire,

And there appeared a Great Wonder in Heaven,
Which is a Wonder that Deceiveth the Whole World,

An Image of Peace that shall Smite the Earth
with all Forms of Plague.

Indestinant Absence,
King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

There shall be no more Pain, nor Sorrow, nor Death,
For these Former Things have Passed Away,
May Your Circle be Unwoven,
Bye and bye Lord,
Bye and bye.

- rozz williams


Moz said...

I just "rediscovered" shadow project a couple months ago, its been hard to make myself listen to anything else.

ido said...

I hold this band just as dear as Rozz's earlier work in CHRISTIAN DEATH. The live album "In Tuned Out" is their absolute best. I wish I could find more live recordings they did. I know they are out there.

LiborioFriki said...

flac download for the sonic youth you wanted and a lot... LOT more

ido said...

Liborio, thanks so much for that link!!!!!