Monday, November 8, 2010

morpheus laughing

an extreme solution no fossil fuel mimicking exhaust rattles troublesome a madman's vast direct iron grooved world primary state average distance closer to the sun draws a comet nearer to a complex destruction a specter so violent in its views lies impervious altitude has a tendency under pressure to reveal its identity gaping hole bright star penetration blindfold reliance wrinkles in the cloth of time unity among such a poor existence in this third world resistance should be used civil disobedience central pivot revolving heated combustion back to the origin of it all all of it no unwarranted fear courage shown the white line on the ball we live on deserted streets hallucinated the bursted species abnormal conditions deep sentiment for repulsive power nations knows immense populace ingenuity and progress never progressed out of the sun all experiments prove not need the established greed and pain inflicted on the animal model still nothing no cure the ravaged instinct silent waking to a chemical perversion wartime underground imperfect plotting grows the seeds of time

- n. ogre

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