Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Moz said...

I noticed a comment on Cosmic hearse that you're looking for the bird with crystal plumage soundtrack. i definitely have it!

I'll track it down and post it on my blog when I find it

later on

ido said...

Wow, thanks so much! I am a huge fan of Argento's earlier films and have the soundtracks to PROFUNDO ROSSO and SUSPIRIA. But I've been looking around for BIRD for sometime now. All of Moriconne scores for the Animals Trilogy were excellent, but BIRD just shines.

Moz said...

No problem, a lot of my shit is still boxed up after I moved this summer so It may take me a few days to dig around and find it but I definitely bought an import version of it when it turned up used at the place I worked because it came with a second disc containing the soundtrack.

If it's not in one of the boxes in my living room I'll head to our storage space on my next day off and see if it's there.

be well,