Sunday, December 20, 2009

Once Take Back

CROCODILESKINK were a vicious Tokyo band of the crusty kind. Fusing Scandi hardcore influence with Yamato noise, these punks played extremely tight and politically minded music. Harsh is the best way to describe their sound. The songs are built around driving grooves, cutting deep and jagged. Sadly, CROCODILESKINK didn't record a whole lot over their seven active years. This cd compiles their studio recordings (in reverse chronological order for some reason). It gives a great record of a band whose work deserves more attention.

An extra special thanks to COOL FOOL for sharing this. 先生、何時も最高な音楽をアップして下さって、心から感謝します!

CROCODILESKINK: a compilation of 38 tracks recorded 1990-1997

Discography info, photos, etc.

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