Wednesday, December 23, 2009

and lay your lonliness down for the sun to consume

Music: "Song for Dead time" by SWANS, White Light from the Mouth of Infinity (1990)
Film: 少女椿 (Shoujo tsubaki, "Camellia Girl", 1992) by Harada Hiroshi, based on the graphic novel 少女椿 by Maruo Suehiro

Dear god in heaven. Someone went inside my head and put my subconscious on the internet.


Moz said...

Hey I'm interested in your Idea of contributing lyrics to teeth engraved. hit me up via email: and we'll talk more when I get home from work.


Jessica said...

Hey, I've got a copy of Suehiro's "Laughing Vampire" lying around, and while I greatly enjoyed the visual style, the story didn't really meet my taste. His most recent work is an adaptation of a work by Rampo Edogawa whose short stories were an interesting read, so I'll keep an eye out on it (the extracts I've seen so far are again incredible).

Also, I've gladly added your link to my blogroll :-D