Monday, November 9, 2009

in solvent see

I got my tickets back in August. Will see them in two weeks. Am really psyched.

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Moz said...

Its weird, I havent been so into much of what SP have released since they reformed and started touring again but I've seen them live twice since the reformation and both shows were really incredible. They still clearly have massive reserve of whatever it was that made them an awesome band in the days of Rabies and Vivisect Vi it just doesn't seem to follow them into the studio.

I especially hate the way Ogre's vocals have been treated on the last few records totally less ominously inhuman and more i dunno, autotuned sounding. Weird cos he can still totally carry off the screeching live.

At any rate even if their new stuff leaves me a little cold they'll always have a "get out of suck free" card with me and I'll have to try to catch them on this tour.

PS- Have you ever noticed Ogre has aged better than like anyone ever? Dude still looks like he's in his fucking twenties.

ido said...

I really haven't been crazy about that last two studio albums, either. I really thing they miss Dwayne musically. Its very sad and tragic, but he really brought a whole new dimension to their sound. Its tough to replace talent and execution like that.
The songwriting also doesn't feel as tight and ominous as it once did. A lot of people have also mentioned Ogre's new vocal style. Of course I want him to explore new areas with it, its never a good idea to just keep on doing the same thing. But the impact is lessened and I feel their music really needs that vicious edge of the inhuman vocals. I saw him on the last OHGR tour about a year ago and yeah, he can still shriek like a banshee.

The live footage I have seen of them on their tours since the reformation has been encouraging. SKINNY PUPPY has always brought a major performative aspect to their live shows, and this has kept developing. So I am very interested to see what they will have on stage and how they will integrate the older songs with the newer sound and stage show.