Friday, November 20, 2009

go fucking bananas

Thanks to Mr. Internet, we now know SKINNY PUPPY's set list for this tour. Here is what last night's show in Philly looked like:

1. Love in Vein (album- Last Rights, 1992)
2. Hatekill (new!?!?)
3. Addiction (album- Cleanse, Fold, and Manipulate, 1987)
4. Dogshit (album- VIVIsect VI, 1988)
5. Deadlines (album- Bites, 1985)
6. Tormentor (album- Too Dark Park, 1990)
7. politikiL (album- Mythmaker, 2007)
8. pedafly (album- Mythmaker, 2007)
9. Rodent (album- Rabies, 1989)
10. Pro-test (album- The Greater Wrong of the Right, 2004)
11. Morpheus Laughing (album- Too Dark Park, 1990)
12. ugLi (album- Mythmaker, 2007)
13. Assimilate (album- Bites, 1985)

1. Worlock (album- Rabies, 1989)
2. Brap (live improvisation)
3. Far Too Frail (album- Remission, 1984)

Yep, I'm giddy as hell right now. The older material is some of their very best. If they really do open with "Love in Vein" then I am going to loose it completely. Just go fucking bananas.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

midnight snack

Here is something tasty for your late night listening pleasure. The first three songs were originally composed for the film "HELLRAISER", but they ended up giving Clive Barker tummy trouble. The rest of the disk is comprised of short themes COIL recorded for commercials. An eerie little group of songs sure to hit the spot.

COIL: The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser

Monday, November 9, 2009

in solvent see

I got my tickets back in August. Will see them in two weeks. Am really psyched.

Official tour page
More tour related stuff

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"Then he summons the spirits of the dead and thee who rulest the spirits of the dead and him who guards the barriers of the stream of Lethe; and he repeats the magic spell and wildly, with frenzied lips, he chants a conjuration to appease or compel the fluttering ghosts. He pours a libation of blood on the alters and burns the sacrifices entire, and soaks the trench in pools of blood."

- Seneca