Sunday, July 26, 2009


This is the Body of Christ. Eat of it and feel pain. This is the Blood of Christ. Drink of it and know death. The soul is blind. The heart is deluded. Desire means nothing. You are selfish in your sorrow. This is the Blood of Christ. Bleed out in the corner. No one cares. This is the Body of Christ. Choke down your fear. Choke down your stinking flesh.

- silencesilencesilence
(© 2009)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

holy crap!

from The Man Himself:

"Anyway, once I’ve sold enough copies of the above hand made CD/DVD, I’ll commence making a new studio album. Since some of the songs really lend themselves (or how I view the songs ultimately being arranged, that is) to a (latter period) Swans-like treatment, I am considering the idea of calling the next record a Swans album, or at least some sort of hybrid between Swans and Angels of Light. It might even be like this: Swans/Angels of Light, not sure yet. Then I got to thinking that if this happens, I will probably put together a Swans/Angels Of Light tour. I am even threatening to play some older Swans material as well as Angels material on the tour. We’ll see. I haven’t even contacted the appropriate suspects/musicians/victims yet to contribute. It will NOT be Swans “reuniting” or any crap like that – more carrying forward with the thread from Swans’ Soundtracks For The Blind / Swans Are Dead period, and incorporating what I’ve learned from, and the sensibility of, Angels Of Light as well. But surely, in any event, I am anxious to feel the force of sound abuse/pass through my body again."

again, holy crap.