Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ran away dark

Urban swamp songs. Decay and sexual abandon turns into frustration. Total rock and roll, (but not?)

After TEEN-AGE JESUS and the JERKS imploded, Lydia Lunch (who we'll be hearing a lot from) formed 8 EYED SPY with ex-members of The Contortions and other No Wave superstars. The band created a unique, almost '50s rock tinged sonic fracture. Lower East side transformed into a backwoods hell-hole.

The band was only active for a short period and didn't put out much material before they dissolved. Maybe only two 7"s at most. This album, Live, was co-released postmortem in 1981 by the excellent ROIR Records label and the Dunceteria club. 8 EYED SPY have long been one of my favorite bands. I was twitching around to this in high school while my so called "friends" were pushing Tori Amos, commercialized "punk", and shitty '70s "prog" rock.

"Lazy In Love"


TMM said...

Hey, that Lydia Lunch stuff is up. I bet you have most of it though. Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Man, this brings me back...I had this on tape from Roir (say Roar). I hated this tape. It was really hard to get into. Sold it to a second hand record store in flea market. Remembered that it never sold. Flash forward to now, I understand where Lunch was coming from then. I love 8 EYED SPY now. Thank you so much.

ido said...

Its my pleasure and I'm very happy you enjoy this! I've got more Lydia planned soon so please check back.