Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I dress my tears in costumes.....

SHADOW PROJECT. The combined brilliance of Rozz Williams and Eva O., fused with Jill Emery's smooth bass guitar and Paris's keys. Half the songs are written by Eva, half by Rozz. Very important music to me.

Fall through the darkness into death- then open your eyes and reach out into the light.

SHADOW PROJECT: Shadow Project


TMM said...

Your posts are definitely interesting so far and I have been trying to get some Gloom lately. I definitely be looking forward to more Swans shit. i have 80% of it but there are some things I am looking for.

I have a VT and NH based blog. Do you want to trade links. I'm gonna put yours up either way so I can keep coming back.

It has local bands but it also has a ton of other stuff that I want kids around here to check out.

Troy in VT

ido said...

Awesome that you are into SWANS. I'll be putting up the main stuff first and then moving out into the fringes. But shoot me an email and let me know what you need.

I put up a link for your blog, too. You've got some cool stuff there.

Daniel said...

Haven't heard Shadow Project...been wondering about this record for awhile. Thanks.